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During my final semester at Georgia Southern in Statesboro, Georgia, a Master of History Student, Breana Stephens, updated a local exhibit run by Bulloch County. She updated the database spotlighting Bulloch County war veterans dating all the way back to the revolution.

Breana contracted me to brand the project and design the arrangement of the copy and images on the posters 11. I also created a vinyl door banner and brochure to go along with the display. The show debuted in May and received a mention by the Statesboro Herald!

A few different logo styles
A screenshot of my illustrator file for brainstorming the logo and poster design

Brief Design Process

We communicated in-person and over email to find the preferred design to display the military information. We discussed the standard patriotic red, white, and blue color pallet in the first meeting, but I had still created some alternatives. Above is a screenshot of my design brainstorm including the poster cover design along with the logo variations. The original title for the display was "Entrenched in History."

A quick video from the opening day
(Silly cameo by my friend Raymond)