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Zee Doehling

Brief Background

Not only is this website set up to show off my work, but the site itself is a project to display! I focused on a simple large button display of projects to make the site easy to use on both desktop and mobile. I know there are improvements to be made e.g. I hope to refine my slideshow displays in the future to improve their display functionality especially on phones. There is a continuous wrestling with myself to overhaul my website as I learn more about UX development. Since time is a scarce resource, I am opting towards refining the projects and exploring new projects at this time.

In my undergrad, alongside my major in Graphic Design, I minored in Information Technology with a focus in web development. In those classes we did a mix of front and back end development using HTML, CSS, JS, Python, and PHP. These skills helped to set a strong foundation before going deeper with my master’s in digital media at Georgia Tech.