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For a while in college I had held on to this goal of working a summer camp. I had a few buddies of mine continue to go summer after summer, but each summer I found myself exploring other opportunities. The time never seemed right, but the summer before I started grad school left me wide open to finally achieve this dream!

I had the opportunity to work as the Gardner-Webb Camp for Boys Photographer and Videographer turning around tight deadlines. Each day I had to upload 100 high quality edited photos to their website and every 3 days was a video highlight reel culminating to the 5-minute end of week video highlight. Due to photo release restrictions, I’m unable to post the photos and videos involving campers that are not publicly published on the web by WinShape, but I could include a few fun moments of the staff to get a sense of the picture subjects and quality.

After my time at Gardner-Webb I continued my time with WinShape at their Cleveland location and transitioned to the role of a counselor to experience both sides of camp life. There were many stressful days with such tight deadlines as a photographer, so it was exciting to change roles and get to switch from the mental exhaustion to physical exhaustion while trying to keep up with the campers in the activity-packed days.